My name is Mathew Green. I am a husband, a dad of two wonderfully strong-minded daughters, an educator, a writer and a researcher.

I always think about things and ask questions such as:

Are eyebrows considered facial hair?
Can you daydream at night?
Do stairs go up or down?

On a serious note, the world is fascinating, and there is much to discover.

Here is a little bit about me:

Currently Studying:

  • Certificate in School Management and Leadership (CSML) - Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Primary Mathematics Education - Western Sydney University.

Teaching Qualifications:

  • Masters in Instructional Leadership - University of Melbourne. International Baccalaureate Accredited - University of Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma (TESOL) - Wollongong University
  • Certificate IV in Leadership - Alphacrusis College.
  • Masters in Teaching (Primary) - Western Sydney University. Diploma in Teaching (Primary) - Western Sydney University.
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Educational Psychology) - Sydney University.

What I'm Working On:

I am always thinking, fidgeting and scheming. Here are a few current projects

  • The Art of Teaching Podcast: Important conversations with the best minds in education and leadership.
  • Conversations I wish I had earlier Podcast (coming soon)
  • The Art of Teaching Resources: Here is where I unpack the thoughts, ideas and conversations that we had in the podcast.
  • Youtube: Coming soon

Other Stuff

Research: I love research and applying it to what we get to do each and every day as educators. Here is what I am currently reading and pondering.

Podcast: I hope that you take the time to join me as I have important conversations with the best minds in education and leadership. Here are the other episodes.

Book notes: I always loved to read. I remember sitting for hours in my local library in my home town of Belper, England. I would find a comfy seat, snuggle under a blanket and lose myself in a great book:

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