This e-book is designed to help you to complete your accreditation by offering guidance, support and even a shoulder to cry on if you really need it

This is such a useful book for new teachers, and also for pre-service teachers who are about to embark on the challenging and rewarding career of teaching. Mathew has set out the accreditation process clearly and simply, with practical examples to enhance his explanations of each of the standards. He writes in an enthusiastic and professional manner and makes the text interesting to read, adding comments, text boxes and personal examples to help clarify each section. Every new teacher should read it as they will find it very user friendly and vital in helping them navigate their way through the accreditation process. I will personally recommend it to all the pre-service teachers I train in the Master of Education (Primary) course.

Associate Professor Deirdre Russell Bowie: University of Western Sydney.

This book is a must read for every new teacher. Mat carefully and simply explains the process of accreditation for all Australian teachers. This is an essential reference for teachers at the beginning of their teaching career. I personally recommend it .

Megan Dredge: Author, Teacher, Communicator

This ebook is an invaluable resource to both new career teachers undertaking accreditation for the first time and to established teachers seeking to understand the accreditation process and improve classroom practice. As a head of department, I have used this ebook with my staff to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the National Professional Standards.

Matt: Head of Department.

What a wonderful resource! Any teacher, or supervisor, going through the accreditation process needs to read this book. It clearly explains the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the steps involved in gaining accreditation, as well as what quality evidence is. I will be giving all the graduate teachers at my school a copy.

Karla: Assistant Principal

Avoiding Accreditation Disasters is a thorough, insightful and detailed handbook to help new teachers understand and complete the requirements for accreditation. It is well written, practical, helpful and user-friendly. In drawing from his own experience, Mat demystifies the process by guiding teachers step by step through what they need to do. This is a must for new teachers

Jenni: Teacher Supervisor

As a student, this eBook has breathed hope and given me practical steps and motivation to continue my studies with excellence. With resources like this I feel empowered and equipped to begin my teaching career. Thank you so much Mathew Green for this fantastic resource.

Alexandra: Beginning Teacher

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