The Infinite Game How Great Businesses Achieve Long-lasting Success

I am using the style that the brilliant Ali Abdaal uses here.

🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences:

The Infinite Game argues that business is not a competition but an infinite journey and that to do well in it we must work together for causes. It argues the difference between '"finite" and "infinite games."

🎨 Impressions and How the Book Changed Me:

This book really made me reconsider competition and how we must work together for the greater good of an organisation. In the book, Simon walks us through how to develop an infinite mindset that will put ous, both individually and collectively, on a path to long-term success.

✍️ My Top 5 Quotes:

“In the Infinite Game, we accept that “being the best” is a fool’s errand and that multiple players can do well at the same time.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“A Just Cause must be: For something—affirmative and optimistic Inclusive—open to all those who would like to contribute Service oriented—for the primary benefit of others Resilient—able to endure political, technological and cultural change Idealistic—big, bold and ultimately unachievable.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“No matter how successful we are in life, when we die, none of us will be declared the winner of life.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“Great leaders are the ones who think beyond “short term” versus “long term.” They are the ones who know that it is not about the next quarter or the next election; it is about the next generation.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“Players with an infinite mindset want to leave their organizations in better shape than they found them.” –Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

🧭 How I Discovered It:

I have been a huge fan of Simon Sinek for many years. His work has had a huge impact on me.

👤 Who Should Read It?

This book really changed my mindset and helped to remind me of the immense privilege of the work that we do as educators. The concept of the infinite reminded us that there needs to be collaboration, more sharing of expertise and more convergence between our schools and education systems. Nobody, or no organisation "wins" in education - we are playing an infinite game.

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I am using the style that the brilliant Ali Abdaal uses here.